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There are so many parallel worlds on our planet that only by leaving your comfort zone can you truly see God’s hand and His providence. And then you won’t be the same after seeing the life-changing difference.


Best Christian tours to enjoy with your family!

Travel on a faith-based journey to the historic sites of Christianity.

Lfe-changing Christian Tours

Explore the fascinating sites of the Holy Land of Israel and Jordan, where Jesus lived, taught, died, and rose from the dead. Follow His footsteps in Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem where history was made, and trace the mission of Paul the Apostle in Greece and Turkey.
From the Sea of Galilee to the salty waters of the Dead Sea, you’ll make enlightening discoveries of renewed faith on a faith-based experience of a lifetime.

The Power of Faith and Travel

Take Your Conference or Organization on a Life-Changing Trip Together.

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